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Want to be sure your pup loves Buddy Bites before subscribing? Try out our 500g Sample Pack today for FREE! These large tester packs also come with a couple of extra goodies!

If you're not sure which one to try, these are our suggestions:

Puppy (Blue) - we suggest all dogs younger than 12 months should be eating puppy recipe as it is designed for their growth phase. We use a blend of Chicken, Pork and Fish and this is our smallest kibble size.

Adult Duck (Green) - This is great for dogs with skin issues and is our smallest adult kibble (10mm diameter) so perfect for small breeds

Adult Salmon (Pink) - Our premium recipe, made with fresh salmon, great for fussy eaters and slightly bigger kibble size (13-14mm diameter) so better for medium-large breeds

Adult Lamb (Purple) - Chunkier kibble size promotes chewing and healthy teeth & gums as a result. Packed full of flavour as well as Omega 3 & 6

*Max one sample of each recipe per customer. 


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Giving Back!

On all kibble orders, for every 2kg we sell, we donate 1kg to shelters.

We've now donated over 1 million meals all thanks to you!

Good Poo!

Whilst you're picking up your dog's poo in style, Buddy Bites recipes are highly digestible, so you will be sure to be picking up the healthies sh*t at the dog park.